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Corrective Exercise for Lower Cross Syndrome

Corrective exercise is a type of exercise that involves correcting muscle imbalances that can cause scoliosis, un-leveling of the shoulders, un-leveling of the pelvis and movement pattern distortions.

One of the most common postural distortion patterns is lower cross syndrome.

Lower cross syndrome is characterized by an increased curve in the lower back called a hyperlordosis. Think about somebody standing and pushing there butt out at the same time as pushing their belly out. This posture creates an anterior pelvic tilt and is very common with low back pain. When the normal curve in the low back increases the facet joints jam together and will degenerate and get inflamed over time leading to arthritis. If you look at someone with lower cross syndrome from a side view you will see that they have an anterior belly and posterior butt. To treat this with corrective exercise you have to train the abdominal muscles and train the glutes/hamstrings and loosen the hip flexors/quads as well as loosen the lower back. When you train the abs and glutes/hamstrings you will be able to hold you pelvis in a more neutral position which in turn takes the jammed facet joints and spreads them so they are not constantly irritated.

If you have lower cross syndrome sleeping on your back with a pillow under the knees is a great way to “hack” your sleep. When you lay on your back with your feet up your lumbar spine flattens and the muscles and joints spread/stretch. If you really think about sleeping this is 1/3rd of your life and staying in this posture can make a huge difference over time with changing you postural distortion.

If you have low back pain, find yourself a local chiropractor. If you’re in Fort Worth come over to our office conveniently located between TCU and the Hospital district on Park Hill Drive and Forest Park Boulevard. Park Hill Chiropractic offers spinal manipulation, manual therapies, corrective exercise and massage.