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Carpal Tunnel Treatment, Do I need surgery?

Carpal Tunnel treatment doesn't just have to be surgical. A lot of patients don't actually have a structural issue, they have a function issue. Ever run across someone who has had multiple carpal tunnel surgeries? You should probably try seeing a chiropractor that performs manual therapy.

The classic carpal tunnel symptoms are numbness, tingling, burning, atrophy and loss of strength in the thumb, pointer and middle fingers. There are three main nerves that supply the hand. The radial nerve, ulnar nerve and median nerve. A median nerve lesion that causes pain the the wrist and hands is referred to as carpal tunnel. The biggest question is where is the lesion taking place along the tract of the nerve. The lesion can be from compression of other structures like bone, fat, fascia and muscle. 

I'm Often times in practice when patients present with carpal tunnel they respond extremely well to manual therapy. Manual therapy is essentially soft tissue manipulation. in the case of carpal tunnel the soft tissue manipulation can be achieved through many techniques. Nerve flossing, active release technique, myofascial release, pin and stretch are all viable options to try and relieve the nerve pain felt in the wrist and hand caused by carpal tunnel. 

If your having symptoms of carpal tunnel give yourself a chance with some non invasive manual therapies and rehabilitation before you go under the knife and risk multiple surgeries due to scar tissue formation, infection and other complications.