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Bulging Disc Treatment

A bulging disc can cause a lot of pain locally in the back and also down the leg. It is important to see a chiropractor to figure out if in fact the pain you are feeling is due to a bulging disc or perhaps a different issue. A bulging disc happens typically when a person has a load in their hands and is bent forward at the waist then rotates. There a many different ways it can happen but that one is the most common.

Disc bulges typically will resolve on their own after about 6 months. That's a long time to be in pain for most people so you may want to seek some treatment from your local chiropractor. What he have found to work best with disc injuries is interferential electric muscle stimulation and flexion distraction techniques to reduce the bulge and take pressure off the nerves.

Flexion distraction is a common treatment for disc injuries developed by Dr Cox. When the patient is laying face down on a specialized flexion distraction table the tab,e flexes the lower half of the body 20-35 degrees and the chiropractor has their hand positioned just above the bulging disc. As the table drops the chiropractor applies pressure to the bone above the bulging disc and the disc space is lengthened or pulled apart. When the disc space is lengthened the actual disc material will be pulled back into the space it has bulged away from and pr sure is taken off the nerve by widening of the intervertebral foramen. 

This procedure works best when you perform it at least 3x week and is usually painless for the patient. If you need treatment for a bulging disc call Park Hill Chiropractic and Dr. Elliott can use his specialized table specifically for your disc injury and help you avoid surgery.