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How Does Kinesiology Tape Work? K-Tape

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?

You have see this tape all over professional and Olympic athletes, so it must work right? 

Kinesiology Tape was invented by a Japanese Chiropractor, a surge in popularity happened after many athletes wore it during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The ultra-sticky elastic tape comes in many shapes, sizes and brands.

Kinesiology tape works by increasing blood flow to target muscles. How does the tape do that you ask? K-tape is applied with a stretch and the muscle will be stretched when it is applied. The tape will lift the skin creating negative pressure underneath the application area. With this negative pressure you will get an increase in blood flow to the target tissue, blood carries oxygen and other nutrients that allow the muscles to perform a greater amount of time because there is a decrease in fatigue.

Kinesiology also works the same way the gate theory of pain works. This theory is that non-noxious stimulus closes the gates (nerve pathways) for painful stimulus. So when the tape is applied to a painful joint or muscles the sensory input from the tape can override the pain signals (this is why our innate intelligence has us grab and rub an area that has been injured).

Kinesiology Tape can also increase Lymphatic drainage. This works because of the skin lift and decrease in pressure underneath the tape. For Example, if you have a large bruise on your thigh and you place the K-tape in a web like pattern over the bruise. Leave the tape on for 2-4 days and take the tape off, you will see that the skin where the tape was is significantly less bruised or no longer bruised at all. 

Kinesiology Tape for a bruiseIf you have any questions about Kinesiology Tape or would like to try in Dr. Elliott is a Certified Level II FMT RockTape provider. Give us a call (682) 703-1529 if you want to increase your performance with k-tape. Park Hill Chiropractic your Chiropractor in Forth Worth located near TCU.