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  • Turmeric Benefits
    Turmeric for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capability1. Turmeric Contains bioactive compounds (Curcuminoids) with potent antioxidant capability.Turmeric has been used in Indian cooking and as a medicine for thousands of years. Recent Read more
  • Low Back Pain Treatment in Fort Worth
    Low Back Pain Treatment in Fort WorthLow back pain is one of the greatest causes of missed work and pain in the United States. It is important to not wait Read more
  • Accident Care Fort Worth
    Car Accident Care Chiropractic Care Fort WorthIf you have ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident whether it be severe or mild you know that your body is going Read more
  • How Does Kinesiology Tape Work? K-Tape
    How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?You have see this tape all over professional and Olympic athletes, so it must work right? Kinesiology Tape was invented by a Japanese Chiropractor, a surge in Read more
  • What is Normal Range of Motion in the Neck and Low Back
    What are normal ranges of motion for the neck and low back?It is important to know the normal ranges of motion for your neck and low back because if there Read more
  • What is Tennis Elbow and What's the Treatment?
    What is Tennis Elbow and how do I treat it? This may be a question your asking yourself right now. Good News friends, there are some things you can do Read more
  • 9 Things you need to know about H20
    9 things you didn’t know about H2O and your health1. Water affects our health in many more ways than you would expect. Drinking the right amount of water helps aid in Read more
  • 5 Natural Ways to Help Fight Depression
    5 Natural ways to fight depression According to Washington University School of Medicine, there is an estimated 17.5 million Americans with some form of depression, and an estimated 9.2 million have Read more
  • 5 Reasons to Eat Fat!
    The 5 Reasons to Eat Fats Fat has been shamed over the last fifty years and has led our nation into a high carbohydrate low fat diets. These low fat diets Read more
  • Overtraining the Hip Flexors
    ~~The problem with overtraining the hip flexors in student athletesOvertraining specific muscles (Psoas, Iliacus, Tensor Fascia Latea, Sartorius, Rectus Femoris, etc.), commonly referred to as the hip flexors, can be Read more
  • Electrical Stimulation, TENS amd Interferential
    ~~What’s the deal with E-Stim?Electrical Stimulation became popular in the 50’s and 60’s when the Russians started using it to try and make their athletes superior to other world athletes.  Read more
  • IT Band Syndrome
    How to treat IT Band SyndromeIT Band Syndrome (ITBS) is a musculoskeletal condition that causes pain on the outside of the knee and into the thigh. It is due to Read more